“All leadership communication is about persuasion -- influencing key stakeholders to support the leader's vision for a stronger organization and a better future.”

Impact: Persuading versus Informing

Impact is a focal point for all we do.  Communication plans, strategies and their messages should not be created to inform, for merely informing is too passive, hardly destined to leverage leadership and achieve bottom line results. Our counsel emphasizes how to influence changes in attitudes and behaviors needed to advance the leader’s agenda.

“Net-Effects Goal Setting”™, a proprietary strategic method developed by us, is key to clarifying and reinforcing our emphasis on persuasive impact.  This approach removes the “softness” from communication and helps leaders pinpoint and stay focused on the attitudinal and behavioral changes they needed to achieve their goals.

A sampling of the broader Net-Effects Goals represented in our process are:

    • “Buy-in” from one or more target audiences
    • Favorable media coverage
    • An enhanced image with one or more target audiences
    • Lessening of competitive influences
    • Material support from one or more target audiences

All Net Effects Goal Setting™ involves a precise audience analysis based on this scale:


“Image Goal Setting” complements the Net-Effects Goal Setting and message development process.  During this phase, we emphasize the significant role that image plays in any interaction.  We identify the traits which need to be accentuated to achieve the leader’s Net-Effects Goals (e.g. compassion, energy, sense of urgency, conviction and optimism).