Our Strategic Focus

A crucial aspect of impact and reputation is our ability to provide counsel within a well-defined strategic framework. We invest in understanding the culture, vision, goals and strategy of each organization we serve and carefully assess the personal development goals and objectives of its leaders.

Our communication counsel focuses on rigorous stakeholder analysis and precise goal setting – essential steps before creating any leadership message, communication plan or campaign.

  • Embracing a leadership mind-set
  • Pinpointing target audiences
  • Setting precise persuasive goals
  • Establishing a strong leadership presence
  • Achieving a higher comfort level
  • Cultivating credibility
  • Advancing empowered (versus micromanaged) relationships
  • Developing a strategic leadership communication plan
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Gaining and sustaining audience attention
  • Building support
  • Resolving conflict
  • Fielding challenging questions
  • Securing reliable feedback
  • Cultivating crucial internal and external relationships
  • Developing and communicating a leadership philosophy and vision

“Martel & Associates helped us achieve a genuine paradigm shift in how we relate to customers and employees.”

…Leadership Team of a Fortune 50 Company