“Communication is the linchpin of leadership -- essential to cultivating credibility,

influence, including buy-in, motivation and inspiration.”

The Martel Approach: From Strategy to Skills

Positive Chemistry

Our ability to cultivate strong chemistry with our clients is crucial to our success.  In fact, it is a frequent basis for the referrals we receive.  Four principal factors influence positive chemistry:

  • Our attitude regarding growth:  There is no such thing as a perfect leader or communicator; everyone can improve.
  • Our emphasis on authenticity (versus being forced to act and feel artificial).
  • Our feedback style:  Constructive, supportive and non-confrontational, our feedback is compatible with the individual’s personality, style and the organization’s culture.
  • Our aversion to “cookie cutter” tips.  We do not impose absolutes; rather, we offer a range of options, strategies, messages and delivery advice conducive to ownership, confidence and impact.
  • Our commitment to making every consultation and seminar an enjoyable learning experience.

A crucial aspect of impact and reputation is our ability to provide counsel within a well-defined strategic framework. We invest in understanding the culture, vision, goals and strategy of each organization we serve and carefully assess the personal development goals and objectives of its leaders. Our communication counsel focuses on rigorous stakeholder analysis and precise goal setting – essential steps before creating any leadership message, communication plan or campaign.